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High Quality Tattoo Sleeve
Click:4035 Date:2013/4/13 5:47:15

Now you don't have to get permanently inked, not with our temporary tattoo sleeves! Our reusable tattoo sleeves are made from durable nylon and spandex material - similar to ladies stockings. They will fit many different size arms and legs due to the stretchable nature of the material.

Each tattoo sleeve features a high quality, detailed design print giving you an incredible effect of a real tattoo. Our sleeve tattoo's can be applied in just 20 seconds, simply slip on and off to apply and remove - quick and easy.

We have a huge range of tattoo designs to choose from. Purchase designs featuring celtic, dragons, skulls, tribal, suns moons and stars, tigers, fire, koi, daggers, flowers and black and grey.

Fake tattoo sleaves are fun for everyone. Shock your mother or partner! Create the ultimate costume, wear them to parties, gigs, concerts, fairs the list goes on. Remember they are washable, resuable and low cost.

We also offer FREE Shipping Worldwide on all orders when you buy two or more tattoo sleeves and a 7 day money back guarantee! What are you waiting for? Have a browse through our online shop to find huge range today. View our YouTube Fake Tattoo Sleeves Video.

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